Homelabbing with Hyper-V (Part 1) – HandsOn

It’s been a while since i started playing with Hyper-V and even more since I was introduced to the virtualization world.
I started around 8 years back when i wanted to give a second try to the Linux world but without risking destroying the main partition of a production laptop while installing the system (To my past self: Use the whole disk means “The WHOLE disk”). Thanks to VirtualBox I managed to get Linux installed and get immersed in that new world. Since then i installed, reinstalled, rereinstalled etc… plenty of different distros, from Ubuntu to Kali to the forensics oriented CAINE Leggi tutto “Homelabbing with Hyper-V (Part 1) – HandsOn”

Apertura Alptransit – Un problema per gli studenti ticinesi… ma anche no.

Ho letto oggi il comunicato del SISA sul cambiamento degli orari dei treni in vigore dall’11.12.’16, in seguito all’apertura di alptransit.
Ho quindi scritto direttamente al SISA chiedendo chiarimenti, e riporto qui di seguito le riflessioni fatte nella mail a loro indirizzata.
Leggi tutto “Apertura Alptransit – Un problema per gli studenti ticinesi… ma anche no.”