[CVE-2018-16222 to 16225] Multiple Vulnerabilities in QBee and iSmartAlarm Products

The preface of the disclosure of CVE-2018-16225 (https://blog.francescoservida.ch/2018/09/16/cve-2018-16225-public-disclosure-qbee-camera-vulnerability/) contained a little lie: I did not find one vulnerability during the research for my master thesis, but four, three of which were still being patched by the vendor/under the 90 days disclosure timeframe given to the vendor. Continue reading “[CVE-2018-16222 to 16225] Multiple Vulnerabilities in QBee and iSmartAlarm Products”

Homelabbing with Hyper-V (Part 1) – HandsOn

It’s been a while since i started playing with Hyper-V and even more since I was introduced to the virtualization world.
I started around 8 years back when i wanted to give a second try to the Linux world but without risking destroying the main partition of a production laptop while installing the system (To my past self: Use the whole disk means “The WHOLE disk”). Thanks to VirtualBox I managed to get Linux installed and get immersed in that new world. Since then i installed, reinstalled, rereinstalled etc… plenty of different distros, from Ubuntu to Kali to the forensics oriented CAINE Continue reading “Homelabbing with Hyper-V (Part 1) – HandsOn”

The RocketPi – A RaspberryPi powered water rocket launcher

I decided to start this blog with my last creation: a water rocket launcher powered by a RaspberryPi.

It’s been a few years by now that I’m experimenting with water rockets; following tutorials from this cool Italian website and from the website of the Australian’s Air Command Water Rockets i initiated myself to this really cool summer hobby.

Continue reading “The RocketPi – A RaspberryPi powered water rocket launcher”